Primary Care Services Auburn Washington

Annual Physicals-Sports Physicals


Annual Physical Exams and Primary Care Family Doctor Serving Auburn Covington Maple Valley  Puyallup Kent Federal Way and Tacoma 

Urgent Care


10 Years in the Emergency Room and 10 Years in Urgent Care has provided me lots of experience in the daily bumps, bruises and lacerations that need prompt care.  Urgent Care Auburn

Work Injury L & I


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Addiction MAT


Opioid Addiction is Epidemic.  Dr. Fox is Certified to prescribe and treat those suffer from addiction to oxycodone and heroin.  Buprenorphine, aka Suboxone, is a prescription medication when used with appropriate outpatient recovery support can help those trapped in an endless downward spiral of drug abuse. 

Suboxone Federal Way

Spartan Pellets ®


Dr. Fox has been providing hormone pellet therapy since 2007.  He is very experience in providing those with symptomatic menopause or testosterone deficiency a convenient form of hormone replacement through the implantation of hormone pellets several times a year. 

Testosterone Pellets Seattle Tacoma

Personal Injury Care


Those involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents need someone experienced in the evaluation and treatments available. Dr. Fox has been treating those injured in car accidents for over 25 years.  He understands that not all car accidents are alike and bent metal can sometimes be indicative of the forces that physically injure the body.  Full evaluation and therapeutic recommendations are often different and important to the rapid recovery and return to a full and active life. 

Car Accident Doctor Seattle Tacoma